Monday, July 19, 2010

What goes up ... must come down

We have a plethora of building supplies around the house; various blocks sets, the legos and duplos, the magnetic builders, etc. The kiddos love, love, love building and work on it well together.

But soon enough, Super E. reaches the point where the structure has been standing long enough. HE.MUST.STOMP.

I've talked to A. about it so she doesn't get upset. I tell her how much she enjoyed doing the same when she was two. She is insanely patient with him and will usually laugh and tell him "good one" and start to rebuild. I truly don't believe I was as kind with my little brothers.

And when she has had enough she always asks me to tell her a tale of madcap hijinks of my life with not ONE but TWO little tagalong brothers.


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