Saturday, May 1, 2010

Spring Anew ...

You sometimes see a woman who would have made a Joan of Arc in another century and climate, threshing herself to pieces over all the mean worry of housekeeping. ~Rudyard Kipling

Whenever the Spring season arrives, I feel the urge to clean and weed everything in sight. But the last 2 years have put a serious crimp in my compulsion. We moved into this house when I was 7 months pregnant and busy with my firecracker 3-year old underfoot. I put the house together and purged and cleaned as we went along. The garden would have to wait that first year -- and I was able to see what would bloom and appear from the former owners' garden (an avid gardener). And last spring we were traveling and super busy. I think I got our spring cleaning done in the fall instead. I'm not the best housekeeper but I do enjoy the purge that becomes necessary in a family of four.

So, this year I've not only been cleaning out the trappings and impedimenta of our home and family, I've also been deleting electronic flotsam; computer files, links & bookmarks, emails, and blogs too.

Thus far, two blogs have been laid to rest forever (unless the Way Back Machine ever revives them). These two blogs were begun in 2005 and 2006 with the onset of my blogging passion, and I rarely posted on them in recent years. It was fun to be part of the advent and rise of blogging and I especially enjoyed the camaraderie during the first year of my daughter's life, bonding with other moms that marched to a different drum. But that was also a dark time for me as I dealt with my father's death. Writing was a wonderful release for me and a way for me to set my grief in a place where I could ponder, poke and explore it. It's OK to let the words drift away now.

This particular blog has been revived from Wordpress. It'll be breezy little visits and peeks into our busy lives where we make a lot of silliness happen.