Saturday, August 28, 2010

All together now ...

Don't you wish we could ALL get along as well as this diverse group of friends? Yeah, me too!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

To Do ... Done

And just like that ... summer is almost over.

I measured our days with joyful idleness, where laughter and the simple beauty of being together as a family reigned. Geetar Dad and I reconnected as a couple after the bustle of the school year schedule, spending evenings just talking and listening to music. I felt unhurried and in love.

I napped*, swam, wiggled my sun-kissed toes in the sand. I gardened in the morning before the blaze of the day smothered me, I tried new recipes and new creative ventures, started (but didn't finish) many house projects and I made promises to myself. I laughed a lot and stayed up way too late (*see napping).

While we wanted our days to be idyllic, Daddio and I also worked up a list of new adventures and favorite past times for our Summer To-Do list.

We went to D.C. several times, saw outdoor concerts, volunteered, made ice cream, took after-dinner walks. We toured the "best of" list of local playgrounds, had family dance parties and cooled off at the pools, water park and beaches.

We built things. We celebrated birthdays (mine and Super E's) and the summer solstice. We had picnics at the gardens, parks and arboretums. We day tripped and daydreamed.

We rode every miniature train in the tri-state region and went to amusement parks, we biked local trails and caught up with friends and family by hosting here or traveling to visit.

We star gazed with telescopes, practiced roller skating and hula hooping, caught fireflies, pressed flowers from our gardens, enjoyed nature walks, roasted marshmallows and shopped the farmers markets.

We enjoyed. Thanks, summer 2010!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Summer Snapshot:

It's hard to believe summer is on it's way out ...

Thursday, August 5, 2010

I've got my eye on you, MISTER!

Alright Ken, I've let you in the house .... what now?

I know you've got those plastic-y good looks and now you're sporting some royal regalia of velour tunic and satin pantaloons with knee high pleather boots. My very first Ken doll looked more like a cast member from Ron Burgandy's anchorman team (complete with paste on facial hair).

But seriously, Ken -- you came in a consignment sale bag full of Barbie fairies and princesses. I really wasn't ready for you to be here in the house. Because sure enough, you got naked right away. Luckily that anatomy lesson had already been established during the first bath time Super A. had with her baby brother. Just lay off on anything else with the gaggle of blondes, brunettes and redheads that live in the same bin with you. Keep it G-rated and I may even get you a little buddy so you can trade off velvet pantaloons. Or maybe you would prefer a stick on beard and a lovely plaid blazer.

1973 Ken doll