Monday, July 12, 2010

Rain Check

So, no pool today after all. We're taking a rain check, quite literally, but you won't hear me complaining, because it's the kind of good soaking rain we need to revive our poor tomato plants and herb garden. Plus, the cool air is a relief.

It's been challenging to be inside all day, though. We are just not used to it.

But I'm sticking to our very little-to-no-TV agenda, so with a little redirect here and there the kids are both in the middle of some busy work/fun. A. has some fantastic paper doll shapes from Lakeshore Learning that she is decorating and then creating a wardrobe out of fabric scraps and ribbons. And E. is busy on his lego table and creating a path of various placemats to form a hopping trail throughout the family room and living room.

My rainy-day project is measuring the windows in several rooms for some new curtains I want to make. I also have some thrifted chairs in the garage that I want to paint and create new seat covers. I can't paint on a rainy day but I can sand and prep it.

Our soundtrack for today: a little Belle & Sebastian, some Bob Marley and a Beatles mix.


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