Sunday, July 18, 2010

Word, YO!

Super A. is on the adventure of learning to read and spell. She likes to write out her friends names or the characters in her favorite books. She'll go through each word and we sound out the letters and she will scribble each letter into one of the many notebooks she has around the house. She loves to sound words out herself. I love watching as she gets so excited with the process.

Both kids are at such an amazing age! E-man's vocabulary is exploding too and he's stringing lots of sentences together. It helps that he has a sister that chatters at him all day long. She also has a "word of the day" she likes to teach him.

Today's word: Boob. Umm ... really, kid? When I made a quizzical face she sighed deeply and said, "Alright, EYEBALL then".

I had to break it to her that he knows both those words well. One from nursing, one from poking me in the EYEBALL. Which reminds me -- E learned another word that day. Starts with an S -- ends with a HIT.


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