Saturday, July 17, 2010

Flounder? Hedgehog? Elephant Man?

The kids and I like to have fun with food. And what could be more fun than pancake shapes?

I've been branching out and attempting some images outside of my usual repertoire of shapes and letters. One of the shows that escapes my media blockade is Max & Ruby (yeah, don't go there, haters).

So, I attempt to make a simple bunny face. I struggle with the outline but it's somewhat discernible.

I think.


Super A : "What is that, Mom?"
Me : "Guess."
Super A : "Hmmm ... is it a flounder?"
Me (squinting): "Nooooooo"
Super A : "A hedgehog?"
Me (mumbling to myself): "It's the Elephant Man"
Super A (with super ears ): "Oooooh, yes. It's an Elephant Man. It's a really good one, mom!"

Gotta love both the munchkins. They cheer me on and tell me what a good job I'm doing even when I'm not.

Good thing they don't know this man exists: Jim's Pancakes


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