Saturday, June 12, 2010


If you've ever suffered grief of the loss of a loved one then you know that the memories can sometimes hit you like a sucker punch -- knocking the air out of your lungs.

Today I was moving some things around in the storage area of our basement - taking some things up to the sewing room and other things out to the garage. And then WHAM! I saw a few of the vintage train cases that my Dad always bought at auctions and I felt that grief punch again. He would use these cases to store little projects and tools in - like a power sander and accessories, or a glue gun and other adhesives. My dad was very handy and he enjoyed puttering in lots of projects and hobbies. I have inherited many of these odds & ends but I'm just now coming across a lot of the things and exploring all these little boxes (two moves and the grief process slowed me down).

Today I was super excited to find a whole metal stamping kit and dremel set in the one little train case. I have been wanting to make more of the metal washer jewelry after K. and I did some at her party.

This is just more incentive to get my studio into shape. And more incentive to keep digging for the treasures that my Dad left for me to discover and kick start my creativity again.


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