Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Ah, dammit -- another year past and I still haven't completed Ulysses in time for Bloomsday. I thought this would be the year. I almost slogged through it a year or two back when my one gal pal bookclub was tackling the classics. But we picked the wrong time of year to read it ~springtime, when you want to be outside without a heavy Irish tome in hand.

I love to revisit the classics and then my friend challenged me to read Ulysses and for some reason the pressure of having it done in time for our Bloomsday trek around town just put a block on me ever completing it.

But James Joyce, I will try again next year. Or perhaps it'll wait for the transatlantic flight to Ireland.
A. has taken to marking the map with me for our family trip when E. turns four.


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