Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cereal Mom

It's summer, so our breakfasts are quick & light -- mostly cereals and fruit.

It's funny how our family divides on the cereal line. See, this is where my groggy sleep deprived brain goes in the morning. B.A.T. (Before Awake Tea). I ponder the cereal divide.

Geetar Dad and Kid A will stick with one kind of cereal for a long while. ONLY that cereal day after day. And they love to sog up their cereal with a giant bowl of milk. Now, E and I love variety - one day it's granola, another it's flakes or other Trader Joe's yummies. Some days we'll mix them all together. I'll sometimes rock it up and put a small splash of milk, but we like the cereal dry too. But maybe ... just maaaaaaybeee I'll mix yogurt or applesauce in with ours too.

And while I'm at it -- it can blow me away sometimes how quickly E-man is growing. I just looked over at him this morning and he was sitting in his chair with a regular adult spoon, eating cereal out of regular bowl and drinking his water out of a regular cup (y'know, because big Sis drinks out of one). He's been eating so much better now that we've just gotten rid of any baby/toddler trappings. He HATED the tray on his booster seat and wanted to sit right up at the table and use regular tableware. Same mess, just cleaning it off the table instead of the tray.

And Super A? She just serves herself. She'll set the table with placemats and grab her own bowl and pour the cereal herself. She wants to pour the milk herself because I just don't put enough in there. The only thing I do during breakfast in keep her company since her brother eats and zips and she takes her time. It can drag out because she usually has some art project sitting next to her to work on while eating.

OK - the Awake Tea is kicking in. Off to be productive.


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