Friday, October 1, 2010

Changing it up ...

My mother is an amazing cook. She grew up on a farm with fresh produce, meats and cheese so she can whip together everything without touching a processed food item. She can adapt and change on a whim, not restricted by rigid recipe requirements. She does have a huge cookbook collection though, as she loves to try new things too.

One of the things she's been doing over the past 5-6 years is changing up many of her favorite recipes to allow for the shifting diets of her children. I'm vegetarian and my brother and his girlfriend are vegan. My other brother and my sister and their families are also eating healthier so it benefits us all.

My mom and I touch base on the phone when either of us tries some new adaptation of a family favorite. I have been completely stumped on creating a vegan version of the classic No Bake Chocolate cookie that my brothers adore so much (they used to pay me to make it for them in high school). It just won't set without the real butter/margarine but I keep trying.

But just yesterday I put together a great version of my Mom's Apple Pie using whole wheat flour and vegan butter. And of course a whole bunch of apples that we got apple picking at a local farm. I was so happy that it turned out perfect with the changes made. Plus it was the perfect way to celebrate the first day of October.


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