Tuesday, October 5, 2010

People in the Neighborhood ...

I love living in a neighborhood where we can walk places - interesting places too.

Having a 2-year old with a typical fire truck obsession, we can stroll up the street and visit the library and then go around the building to the fire station. He starts to skip as we near the building. The guys at the house are super friendly and nice. If the bay is open we can walk around visiting all of the trucks.

Other days we stroll the opposite way down the lane and at the end is a horse farm. There is always some large vehicle or other doing some busy work. We'll stand and watch for awhile and then head back home -- sometimes just in time for the mail woman to be parking in front of our house. She is super friendly too and lets E. jingle her large ring of keys.

Of course, I cannot help but hum this song during our strolls. Dig Bobs big sideburns.


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