Monday, September 20, 2010

Sunflower Fields Forever ...

Super A. had a fabulous morning -- one of her school friends had a birthday party at a yoga studio. There was music, stretching, painting and kid-inspired yoga. She left it completely happy and relaxed.

I decided we would take a little drive on the sunny day, listening to the Beatles and enjoying the windows down. Our destination was the sunflower fields of Clear Meadow Farms.

We probably visited on the last viable day for many of the blooms. We took a walk through a path in the middle of one field. We laid down and did some cloud watching and butterfly counting.

Before we headed back to the car I remembered a trick my Dad used to do with the pollen heavy flower heads -- pick a few buds off to make a sunflower happy face. My daughter had the same silly grin on her face that I did when my father first did it for us.


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