Wednesday, September 15, 2010

More Firsts ...

Today was E's first day of co-op.
I was happy to find a new co-op preschool close to our house. My first experience with this type of preschool for A. was amazing -- it fostered a real sense of community with the other moms and kids. Each class there were 3 "Helper Moms" plus the teacher. We were assigned different areas each time, snack, craft, tool bench, dramatic play plus all of us on the playground. We all got to know each other and our children. And the bonus was that I brought E along with me and there was a babysitter in the next room. I could go in and breastfeed and comfort him whenever he needed.

Everything was perfect about the experience ... except the commute. I had to sit in rush hour on our way there. A 10 minute drive was often 30 minutes.

So, I was pleased to find a co-op preschool up the street (a lovely 10-minute drive through winding farmlands) for E.

I hesitated about enrolling him. I struggled with it. I really don't feel preschool is necessary for a 2-year old but I plan on going back to work soon so I hoped it would be a good step towards preparing both of us.

I look forward to another great co-op experience.

My little guy delved right in and had no problem with me leaving the room.

He's not the only one growing now ... and letting go.


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