Saturday, November 6, 2010

Saturday Letter

Dear E,

The amount of time that Mommy has put into your baby book is absolutely no reflection on how much I love you. Instead it shows how I'd rather spend time living the moment with you rather than documenting your weight, height and tooth count.

Do you buy that?

Well, let's face it - we barely make it out the door on time to any place and I'm running circles to keep up with the four different schedules we've got going on right now. If I sit down to: 1) write 2) make a call or 3) type -- it's an instant signal to you and your sister that I need to come to your (this week) 1) tea party 2) circus or 3) be a swamp monster.

But you're doing really good, kiddo. We laugh a lot, we play a lot, we dance, sing and make messes. And you are just one heck of a character - you are goofy and silly. My kind of guy.

Just know that you were healthy and happy -- even if it's not written down.


Your Silly Mommy

** photo by Brooke Baker our go-to photo gal (


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